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This website is UNDER CONSTRUCTION. At this stage, you can help us with articles / workflows for your volunteer team and evaluation of a ticketing system.

To send in articles / videos, pls write to the Team

Waiting to hear back from our Hosting to setup UVDesk for the Teams of Volunteers.

If you run / are a part of a team and want to register, pls mail us.

Alternately, you could give us feedback or volunteer for us.

How it works

Primary contribution of this website to the chaos is the introduction of Open Source: "Ticketing or Help Desk Software" for use by the teams of volunteers across the country.

We are still evaluatings these and will be back after a short period of trial.

Trial of Help Desk Software


Official Support Desk Website
TRIAL Site on CrisisForAll
Make a SAMPLE request by sending an email to:
Agent Login (UserName/Email: agent1 / Pass: Agent123)

Once you have submitted a test ticket either through the website or by email, pls contact Imran on whatsapp for a walkthrough.